Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

If you’re pretty active physically, chances are you’ve experienced this a few times before. Muscle Spasm is an involuntary reaction from your muscles that usually affects the feet, hands, arms, thighs, and abdomen.

Muscle Spasms are a pretty common thing, especially for athletes, and it shouldn’t be something that you should be worrying about. However, when it happens quite a little more often than it should, you may want to look at it with a medical professional as it could be a symptom of a pre-existing condition.

How Long Do Muscle Spasms Last?

Muscle Spasms are a sudden and unpredictable involuntary movement of your muscles and may vary in intensity. It usually goes away after a few uncomfortable moments, but there are small chances for it to last even longer than 15 minutes.

A common occurrence for muscle spasms is that it comes and goes for quite some time when it happens, so make sure you do preventative measures to stop the muscle twitching.

What Causes Muscle Spasms?

Many different reasons could cause muscle Spasms, but here are some of the most common occurrences that could result in your muscles spasm.

Inadequate Stretching

Stretching before doing a physically demanding activity such as exercise is essential and helps prevent muscle spasms in the middle of the workout.

Over Stretching

Stretching may be great but make sure not to overdo it. Stretching your muscles past their normal range of motion could cause them to spasm.

Lack of Water

An inadequate amount of water decreases blood volume, which then causes your muscles and organs to have less blood movement, resulting in spasms.

Muscle Fatigue / Overstimulation

Muscle Fatigue is one of the most common causes of this involuntary muscle twitch or movement, best not to overtrain to prevent muscle twitching.

Electrolytes Deficiency

Disproportion of electrolytes found in potassium, magnesium, and calcium can lead to muscle cramps. Drinking energy drinks is a common way to replenish this and ease the muscles.

Is Marijuana A Good Treatment for Muscle Spasms?

Marijuana has been proven to alleviate many ailments, and that includes muscles spasms. Studies have shown that Marijuana or Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties, resulting in it becoming helpful for so many diseases that involve inflammation.

Marijuana is an effective aid for persons afflicted with MS and other nervous system diseases. There is significant anecdotal evidence of its ability to decrease or prevent muscle cramps and spasms correlated with exercise, injury, or over fatigue. One of the primary ways marijuana could be a beneficial aid for spasms is through muscle recovery.

Where to Buy Marijuana for Muscle Spasms

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