Marijuana and PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or mainly called PTSD is a form of mental condition caused by a traumatic event or experience, which mostly happens in early childhood. However, adults could also trigger by a terrifying instance and could develop into PTSD.

Anyone experiencing this kind of mental health disorder experiences many symptoms as they go on, leading them to have difficulty going through their life after the incident. Failure to address this mental health problem disables a person’s ability to function effectively in daily activities.

However, if appropriately treated, a PTSD patient could get a lot better over time and be well equipped to go on with their lives free from threatening symptoms of the past mental health disorder.

Common Causes of PTSD

Understanding the causes helps you take preventative measures from developing potential PTSD conditions for you or people around you. Here are some of the most common reasons why a person develops this type of mental health disorder.

  • Intensely traumatic events
  • High Emotional and Mental Stress
  • It could be inherited from the family’s historical experience in anxiety and depression.
  • Inborn chemical imbalances that influence brain response

Impact of Marijuana on PTSD

Every PTSD patient or person taking care of someone experiencing this knows the constant paranoia and anxiety underlying symptoms of this mental health disorder; that is why searching for an effective treatment is vital for coping with daily activities.

Fortunately, Marijuana has been popularly used by patients and is deemed adequate for reducing post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. A study in 2014 shows that PTSD patients have experienced a 75% reduction in symptoms after using Medical Marijuana.

Furthermore, this evaluated data shows that many military veterans who have PTSD utilize cannabis or derivative products to regulate PTSD symptoms. Most patients report benefits in terms of reduced anxiety and insomnia and increased coping ability.

There are many more studies on the way to get more evidence and solidify the actual inherent benefits of Marijuana and other Cannabis Compounds for PTSD treatment use and many other ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and many more, including mental and brain health.

Where to Buy Marijuana for PTSD

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These Marijuana Strains have multiple natural compounds that positively trigger your brain receptors, which then relieve the symptoms caused by PTSD.

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